Garden Delights–Potted Herbs

Just a little update on how the potted herbs are doing.  We’ve had a great deal of rain lately which has helped to alleviate watering so much.  And it’s a good thing!


With the Sweet Basil growing this well, I need to get me some fresh mozzarella and make a margherita pizza! The tomatoes are starting to come in, too. So I can’t wait to try out a new pizza crust recipe!


Catnip – this is my first time growing it. I can’t wait to design and make kitty toys for my little feline “children” and know that there is nothing funky in these herbs since I don’t put any pesticides on my plants!



My seedling marigolds are growing well.  These are from seeds I picked from last year’s crop of marigolds.  It’s amazing to me just how many seed pods I was able to collect and now see the results.


The Parsley is growing so well, that I’m dreaming of recipes to make using it. Last weekend I make guacamole, Cyn style, and used cuttings of the parsley in it. It was absolutely delicious! And our cousins that were visiting, ate it all in minutes!


I planted more parsley just to see if they would grow. Since it was so hot, many people told me it was too  late.  I guess my question was answered!


When my little allow plant grew too big for the little pot it was in, I transplanted it to a larger pot. It promptly died. But my past experience told me to let it be. Once the weather became hot enough, I put it outside and now, it has come back! I’m so excited. Aloe is so good for so many things. I like to use it for kitchen burns, skin rashes and I even like to take a frond and scrape out the gooey goodness into a fresh smoothie every now and then.

Happy Summer and Happy Gardening!

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