June Garden Delights

There hasn’t been much rain, but watering almost every day has really helped my garden. Here are a few views of it as of this morning. Enjoy!!!

These marigolds are from seed pods from last season.  I collected as many as I could before digging up the dead plants.  Many more pods dropped into the soil of the garden and came up as soon as the weather warmed! An annual that is working like a perennial!

June 2012 Barbara Drive 001

June 2012 Barbara Drive 020

The catnip has come up! Can’t wait to dry it and make some kitty toys!!!

June 2012 Barbara Drive 004

The parsley and sweet basil is also growing well.

June 2012 Barbara Drive 005

June 2012 Barbara Drive 010

June 2012 Barbara Drive 012

June 2012 Barbara Drive 013

June 2012 Barbara Drive 021

This is the first time I’m trying Brandywine tomatoes.  They are looking pretty good!

June 2012 Barbara Drive 014

These cosmos are all from last season’s seeds that fell into the garden soil. They work with the marigolds to help keep horn worms and other bugs at bay. This allows me to keep my garden pesticide free for the 3rd season in a row.

June 2012 Barbara Drive 018

June 2012 Barbara Drive 022

The Big Boys are really doing well! Can’t wait to pick these and have them in salads or piled high on sandwiches!

June 2012 Barbara Drive 016

June 2012 Barbara Drive 023

Gladiolas have always been one of my favorites! Needless to say, when a different color pops up every season, I get so excited! It’s almost like Christmas!

June 2012 Barbara Drive 025

June 2012 Barbara Drive 026June 2012 Barbara Drive 033

June 2012 Barbara Drive 029

June 2012 Barbara Drive 035


4 thoughts on “June Garden Delights

  1. Fantastic. Your garden is a delight for the eye and overflowing with magical things. What a wonderful thing to wake up to each day.

    I didn’t realize Cosmos was a great plant to deter insects. I will have to give that a try. I love the plant, but didn’t realize it had additional attributes, beyond being beautiful. I will definitely add them to my garden next year.

    Wonderful visuals and for sharing your beautiful garden with us.

    • Oh thank you, Tom! Cosmos are absolutely wonderful! But make room for them. I will send you seeds as I have collected a lot of them. They are perennial so if you just leave them, the seeds will fall and you’ll get to enjoy them season after season!

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